Physiotherapists are in High Demand in the UK!

If you are a practising physiotherapist in any one of the following disciplines, this message is for you. The UK requires Physiotherapists in the following, among other subspecialties;
Geriatric | Orthopedic | Sports | Cardiovascular and pulmonary

We are ideally placed to guide you on the correct pathway for you to be eligible for these opportunities. All interested candidates are requested to get in touch with us before 14/8/2023. Eligible candidates will be facilitated with full pathway information and procedure for immigration and placement by the UK govt. approved agencies. Await further notifications on our FB page.

IELTS for Caregivers

We have launched a special IELTS Training Programme for Caregivers. This was initiated to help thousands of candidates who seek overseas opportunities as caregivers. Many candidates have requested us to make available, a quality IELTS training programme. Our programme is specially designed to help achieve the required proficiency within the shortest possible time.

These classes are ideal for busy professionals, who do not have the time to attend in-person classes. We have also taken into consideration the many varied backgrounds these future caregivers come from. Understanding the specific requirements of overseas recruiters. We have incorporated some essential communication skills, especially to assist the non-clinical/healthcare sector candidates. For the UK it is required to achieve a CEFR B1 level of proficiency. The IELTS equivalency is 4.5-5.

Get in touch with us for more details. 

Corporate Training Programmes conducted in collaboration with IMPACT

In collaboration with IMPACT Corporate Training ( Australia ), we intend to offer world-class training services to the Sri Lankan corporate sector. Let your organization benefit from IMPACT’s proven credentials of providing training services to global companies in Financial & Banking, Insurance, Telco and Healthcare, for more than 20 years. Be it top management performance training or front-line client service improvement, we are committed to giving something truly leading-edge and results-driven to take your organization to the next level.

Get in touch with us on assessing your training needs, designing, delivering and post-training processes.

Dynamic Dialogue: Unleashing Effective Communication

This programme will emphasize essentials for better communications, how to use verbal skills, hand gestures and body language for successful communications. Training is provided in a very informal manner and the participants are given many opportunities to develop their skills and abilities. The skills learned in this programme can be easily used in various situations. Parcicipants can learn important points that can be used in their day to day work. 

We successfully presented the Dynamic Dialogue programme for the second time in July. We have received very good responses to this training session conducted for professionals of many private organizations. The above photo shows the professionals who participated in the programme with Mr. Prathaap Ramakrishnan who is a resource person in the programme. 

Alternative Pathways to the UK!

This program provides many alternative pathways to study, work and migrate to the UK. A variety of opportunities are available for health professionals in the UK. Many of our students are looking to move to the UK as  Registered Nurses. There are others who wish to move to the UK for on non-clinical academic career pathways. This program is for such hopefuls. Now you can make your immigration dreams come true. We also provide career guidance and advice on the selection of professional services. 

Above are some pictures of the first session we organized led by Mr. Jerome Dias Abeygunawardana, who is a veteran of educational immigration to the UK. 

New Opportunities with Cambridge!

Cambridge Assessment English develops and produces Cambridge English Qualifications and the International English Language Testing system. Their Upskill and Linguaskill assessment products and services measure a candidate’s English proficiency on a CEFR scale. This enables the Assessment takers to have a valid Assessment done which is recognized all over the world.

Team HIA had progressive discussions with Cambridge officials on making available their services to a larger base of candidates. We expect to work on new business avenues to benefit Sri Lankan students and teacher communities with Cambridge’s innovative services. Many new programmes will be offered in due course.

The picture shows (from left to right Mr. Dhananjeya Wanninayaka/CEO-HIA, Mr. Manish Puri/ Head of Business Development-South Asia, Cambridge University Press & Assessment India PVT Ltd., Mr. Tharaka Peiris/Director-HIA, and Ms.Dhurshiya Perera/ Information Officer-HIA at a recent event held in Colombo.


UK-Ready Nurse Programme