MWT Global

MWT Global, as a division of HCI Australia, has developed rapidly for providing onshore and offshore international students with one-stop career counselling consultation services. To help overseas registered nurse complete the nursing registration in Australia and job placement is one of the specialised services in MWT Global. With the development in education and migration services, MWT Global has established a significant partnership with some tertiary education providers in Australia, such as Flinders University, Charles Darwin University Australia, Murdoch University, etc. MWT Global professional team believes, with our dedicated assistance, our customers will fulfil their ambitious dreams in Australia.

The Company is a key collaborator on HIA’s OET, CBT training and placement initiative.

MWT Global is one of the most  well respected, long established training/ placement and immigrations facilitators headquartered in Australia.

Their  credentials include top quality academics, resource personnel, Subjects matter experts, trainers. In addition they provide students with  state of the art teaching infrastructure, learning facilities, Quality Assured (QA).

Processes that could compete with facilities available anywhere.

Be out for English language training services, CBT, OSCE preparation, student nurse placements to Australia/UK, we are assured of  top-tier support for our student.

NEU Professionals

NEU Professionals is an International Healthcare Recruitment Agency headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The company specialises in the recruitment of overseas nurses for NHS Trusts across a wide range of nursing specialties.

The scope of services covers delivering candidates from across the nursing spectrum, with a reputation as an undisputed market leader in recruiting hard-to-attract specialties – Mental Health, Community, PICU, NICU, Midwives, AHPs, Pharmacists and more. Following ground-breaking pilot programmes in 2021 NEU has led the UK in creating English-language training pathways to nursing and midwifery roles which have been incredibly hard to fill.

NEU Professionals have supported HIA’s UK-Ready Nurse programme from its very inception. This has helped the Sri Lankan health fraternity gain accurate, timely knowledge about eligibility and placement processes with the UK’s NHS and the NMC. Further guidance on NHS interview training, Immigration documentation assistance and pastoral support have been invaluable for Sri Lankan Nurses.

SET English

SET English is a UK-based specialised English training services provider. They have gained the coveted Premium Preparation Provider (PPP) from OET. Being a globally recognised education partner, SET English provides world-class training to health sector professionals from all continents. The company uses sophisticated teaching tools embedded in its Learning Management System (LMS), where students could easily follow live classes, submit assignments, discuss one-on-one with trainers, and obtain all data related to attendance, participation, test scores etc.

SET English collaborates with HIA in many training promotions. An OET Scholarship programme was launched in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of Sri Lanka’s independence. This helped uplift the skills of Sri Lankan health professionals on a country-wide scale.


Jisc is the UK digital, data, and technology agency focused on tertiary education, research, and innovation. The company is a not-for-profit organisation and believes education and research improves lives and that technology improves education and research. JISC provides managed and brokered products and services, enhanced with expertise and intelligence to provide sector leadership and enable digital transformation. 

The company is a world leader in Building Digital Capabilities (BDC) among students, employees. Their assessment methods and learning resources have been brought together with the Discovery Tool, which provides valuable insight to the users on individual digital capabilities under 15 aspects. Their work has supported key institutions in Healthcare in the UK.

As a landmark initiative by HIA, the JISC’s BDC Discovery tool and associated training services have been launched in Sri Lanka. There are many exciting rollouts planned for 2023.

With a clear trend towards all processes transitioning to digital platforms, Digital Capabilities of health professionals is now one of the most discussed topics. Many countries put great efforts to develop this aspect. The UK leads in their efforts to set standards and align the healthcare workforce towards this goal. Hopeful immigrant health professionals to the UK are required to have proficient level of Digital Capabilities. Having understood the huge void in this area, we’ve reached out to improve the situation. Our efforts have been accepted and we are now authorised to provide services of JISC of the UK.

We are delighted to announce as another first, the launch of JISC’s BDC tool and development services to Sri Lanka. With this Sri Lankan health sector professionals will be aligned to the same assessment skills development criteria adopted by RCN/NHS UK.

We invite all candidates to receive the benefits from Building Digital Capabilities services on offer through us.